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236 6212
How can I obtain an email account,
how can I use an email,
how can I change my password,
how can I clean up my mailbox,
how can I set up an email program.
Antanas Stasius
236 6234
VU email systen,
critical errors of email operation
Rimas Janušauskas,
Aurelija Gefenienė
236 6234,
268 7188,
236 6206
How can I connect to VU computer network,
information on computer network maintenance,
how can I connect to VU network via modem,
usage of IP addresses,
how can I create/change/remove IP address field.
Rimas Janušauskas,
Aurelija Gefenienė,
Vytautas Gurevičius
236 6229,
268 7188,
236 6206,
236 6216
Dealing with computer security issues,
how can I protect myself from computer viruses,
how should I act in case of computer network emergency.
Kazimieras Aliulis,
Rimas Janušauskas,
Vytautas Gurevičius,
Rimantas Miškinis
236 6234
236 6207
Resource allocation for websites,
why there is no response from the VU web server.
Eligijus Račkauskas,
Aurelija Gefenienė,
Arminas Grigalius
236 6211
E-services for general education institutions which belong to the MES. Dalia Bielinytė,
Zita Bernotienė
236 6229
How can I install and use VU VPN? Arnoldas Šareckis,
Kazimieras Aliulis IP telephony. Algimantas Oškinis,
Laurynas Alekna
236 6222
VU telephone communications,
problems in VU telephone communications.
Algimantas Oškinis,
Stasys Kuskevičius
236 6207
Website of VU computer network. Martynas Brašiškis
236 6220,
236 6215
Public computer rooms. Ričardas Sabaliauskas,
Petras Dirda
see: How can I log on VU information system,
how can I log on VU DB of finances and assets,
how do I fill in timesheets,
how can I print out my payslips.
236 6234
Usage of computer programs licensed by the university. Aurelija Gefenienė
Registration of computer software installation. Dalia Bielinytė,
Aurelija Gefenienė

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